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Procrastination Station, the Hub for Adult ADHD Information & Empowerment in Scotland. We are the first and only Community Interest Company for Adult ADHD in Scotland. We aim to provide adults with ADHD the information they require to thrive and we are working towards being in the position to offer ADHD coaching and workshops throughout Scotland. Follow the link to find out more about us and our vision.

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Certificate of Incorporation of Procrastination Station CIC

It look longer than I was anticipating but Procrastination Station is now officially registered with Companies House and is the first and only Community Interest Company for Adult ADHD in Scotland! We already have a pilot scheme with the NHS in the planning stage. Next step is to look into our social enterprise funding options.

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ADHD Art Exhibition coming to Glasgow! Film & TV Director (Enola Holmes, Gorillas in the Mist, Pennyworth) Monty Hitchcock discovered he had ADHD after watching Rory Bremner's BBC documentary, ADHD & Me. He has since embarked on a second career as an artist. His exhibition will be in Glasgow from 30th July - 1st August. This is a free and unticketed event.


Written and published last year through the pandemic this new book about late diagnosis has swiftly become one of my favourites. It is an honest and relatable account of life as a working mother both before and after an ADHD diagnosis aged 51. It is a very easy read but contains a wealth of information with links to studies and further reading annotated throughout. I thoroughly recommend.