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Welcome to Procrastination Station, the Hub for Adult ADHD Information & Empowerment in Scotland. There is no other service like this in Scotland. In fact, Scotland is in dire need of

services for Adult ADHD and we are working hard to make sure they happen. We are involved in research studies; meetings with charities, GPs, psychiatrists, MSPs, ADHD coaches etc.; we are constantly seeking to make new connections in the world of ADHD so we can bring you the most up-to-date information. Click on ABOUT to find out more about us and our plans.


My article on hormones and ADHD meds has been published on FLEX YOUR ADHD. After starting medication I noticed there was a difference in how effective it was depending on where I was in my monthly cycle. From chats on social media I discovered that lots of women were experiencing the same thing.

This led me to start researching what was going on. It all became a bit of a hyperfocus. This article is an accumulation of what I unearthed and helps to shed light on this common phenomenon with recommendations on what we can do to alleviate it.

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of me and opened a whole new unknown horizon. And so now, with each painting, I get to discover a new story. I never know how or when the story will come, or finish. The paintings tell me when they are complete and then I move on to the next.” His exhibition will be in Glasgow from 30th July - 1st August.

ADHD Art Exhibition coming to Glasgow! Film & TV Director (Enola Holmes, Gorillas in the Mist, Pennyworth) Monty Hitchcock discovered he had ADHD after watching Rory Bremner's BBC documentary, ADHD & Me. He has since embarked on a second career as an artist - "ADHD broke down all the barriers that were always in front

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In the first of our new ADHD IN SCOTLAND SERIES, 'the girl with the dog' shares her ADHD journey with us. Please have a read. It is beautifully written, heartfelt and inspiring. You can follow 'the girl 

with the dog' on Twitter @adhdandthedog.

If you would like to share your own ADHD story with us, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the form or email address below. Together our voices are stronger!

Hopefully by now you have checked out Lobow's SPARK podcast - the most positive and inspiring ADHD podcast I have come across. Lobow is ending his current season this week by getting together many of the guests he has had on for his Fireside Chats (myself included). It should be a great episode, fully of energy - although it might also be full-scale chaos having a pile of ADHDers all vying to speak at the same time. Either way, it will be interesting! Out this Friday, 25th June.


"Lobow shares his SPARK strategy and explains why he truly believes in the super human ability of ADHD. A funny but real description of what this "disorder" has given him and what it could give to you. Motivating and encouraging for those with or without ADHD.


I recently had a consultation with a Master Herbalist who specialises in the holistic treatment of ADHD (she is the only one that she knows of). Shannon Stone has ADHD

herself, as do her 4 children. They live a nomadic lifestyle in the US alongside their two dogs and a parrot, and she offers online consultations to clients world-wide. I first found out about Shannon when she did a talk during Instagram's Women's ADHD Empowerment Festival. You can find her talks on her Facebook page. You can book an appointment with her and read her blog on her website, she is also on Instagram.

I spoke with her about the issues of reduced medication efficacy throughout the month and my problems with sleep. You can read a bit more in this post. I will post an update in a months time.

Blandine French, an ADHDer and PhD student at The Institute of Mental Health Nottingham, carried out a study on ADHD and the implications of a lack of awareness within primary care. She found that out of over 150 GPs, 68% had received absolutely no training on neurodevelopmental disorders (including ADHD). Blandine is passionate about changing this situation and pushing for training in this area to become a compulsory part of the GP curriculum - it is quite astounding that it isn't already! As part of her study Blandine has created a psychoeducational tool, which can be used to train doctors. The tool has been endorsed by The Royal College of General Practitioners. The challenge now is to make sure that doctors throughout the UK are aware of the tool and use it. You can hear Blandine talk about her study and tool on this podcast.

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