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Procrastination Station was founded by a team of ADHDers with a commitment and passion for helping people to harness the energy and strengths of their ADHD brains. We know that with the right environment, support and attitude this is entirely possible for all adults with ADHD. Our team all received their diagnoses in adulthood; this means we are very familiar with the problems too commonly associated with ADHD - between us we have experienced anxiety, depression, divorce, unemployment, mental breakdown etc. We really do understand how bad things can get, but the flip-side of this is that we also know how to turn it around and thrive with ADHD.


Procrastination Station is the first and only Community Interest Company for Adult ADHD in Scotland. We are working to offer: 

  • a repository of all things related to Adult ADHD, including: articles, videos, podcasts etc.

  • ADHD coaching (inc. free or discounted coaching)

  • continued participation in co-production of ADHD research

  • workshops for adults with ADHD running throughout Scotland

  • up-to-date information gained from our meetings with MSPs, charities, health care professionals, ADHD researchers etc.