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In this section we will cover things like how to go about asking for a referral; the latest science on ADHD; the different presentations and gender differences; what things like Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), Emotional Dysregulation, Masking etc. actually mean and how they may affect you.

It is typically estimated that adult ADHDers make up around 2-4% of the population; so you are not alone and the best advice I was ever given after diagnosis was to connect with other ADHDers and arm myself with knowledge. There is a wealth of information on this website but if you would also like a book recommendation see below. There are a lot of books on ADHD out there and they vary dramatically in quality and accuracy.

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'Taking Charge of Adult ADHD'

by Russell A. Barkley.

Russell Barkley is an internationally renowned expert on ADHD with decades of experience as a "clinical scientist, educator, and practitioner". This book covers a wide range of topics and is information that you can trust. There are also lots of videos of Russell Barkley on YouTube, which are free to watch.