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Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale

Symptom-check questionnarie.

Do You Show Signs of Adult ADHD?

A test created by Don Baker, MA, LMHC.

What Is ADHD? Meaning, Symptoms & Tests

An article in ADDitude magazine reviewing the symptoms, causes, types, and tests associated with ADHD.

Understanding ADHD in Adults

Information for adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Psychoeducational Tool

This online tool has been created by Blandine French to train GPs by equipping them with enough knowledge about ADHD to make accurate referral decisions. It also has a module for anyone to use to raise their awareness of what ADHD is.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Scotland, and their parents, carers and families."

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"The Scottish ADHD Coalition was launched in June 2017 to bring together the voluntary organisations providing support to adults and children with

The Scottish ADHD Coalition has information about all of the following, click on the boxes below to find out more.

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"We work in partnership with agencies across all public services and business sectors, to create a paradigm shift in health, education and employment. Working with Government, our


partner agencies and service users, we aim to influence policy and provision for the benefit of all; reduce dependency, empower and enable the neurodiverse population to achieve their potential and improve life opportunities."

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The ADHD Foundation offer the following service and information for adults:

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